British craftspeople and Artisans dedicated to the Luxury property and Superyacht industry. Exclusive and unique resource for the ultra-luxury market sectors

About Us


Parkway Finishes are artisans and craftspeople of exceptional creative skill, producing exceptional unique luxury finishes for leading design studios and furniture designers, on a wide range of luxury interior and exterior projects

Through experimentation, unparalleled quality and a dedication to perfection in the art we create, we have earned a reputation for producing specialist finishes of which has adorned the world’s most exclusive interiors and bespoke furniture throughout the worlds grandest hotels, luxury residences and award winning superyachts.



In the world of bespoke luxury, ultimate refinement and meticulous detail is a requisite

Our dedication, passion and ability to design and create some of the world’s most unique surface finishes, refined to something as unique as the project, are all part of the exceptional and specialist services provided by Parkway.

Working closely with our clients, our creative process is focused around the inspiration, vision and sample ideas, whilst ensuring the durability, practicality and aesthetics are a factor considered.


Polyester, Polyurethane and water-based lacquers,
Textured & distressed finishes,
Liming, bleaching & fuming,
Deep resins and Gesso Textured liquid metals,
Metal patination & finishing,
French Polishing, antiquing & distressed finishes,
Artwork and Gilding,
Liquid Metal finishes

Special Finishes

We are able to work with the broadest range of styles, surfaces and materials, to provide the unique and meticulous crafted finish our clients demand

- Polyester, Polyurethane and water-based lacquers
- Textured & distressed finishes
- Liming, bleaching & fuming
- Deep resins and Gesso Textured liquid metals
- Metal patination & finishing
- French Polishing, antiquing & distressed finishes
- Artwork and Gilding
- Liquid Metal finishes



We have an long-standing reputation and vast experience producing some of the most unique and specialist exterior finishes for the on-deck and interior furniture, gracing the world’s most exclusive superyacht

Advanced techniques and an in-depth knowledge of ocean worthy materials and methods are core to the pronounced and distinct designs, unique in the creation and application for the stringent demand of ocean worthy conditions around the world.

Tailored to your exact requirements, setting and design, there is no boundary between indoor and outdoor finishes for each piece of furniture or project.

Interior Joinery & Furniture


Tailored to your exact requirements, setting and design, there is no boundary between indoor and outdoor finishes for each piece of furniture or project

Operating worldwide and being engaged in superyacht and luxury residential projects at varying levels of complexity, we provide innovative solutions for both indoor and outdoor furniture from the broadest range of styles, materials and finishes.

The Workshops


Operating from two dedicated spray and finishes workshops in Portsmouth and new modern facilities in Hampshire, Parkway’s team has grown to over 40 skilled artisans with installation teams covering worldwide projects

Our in-house teams of technical design, creative artisans and craftspeople work closely with the leading names in luxury furniture and interiors, producing interior and exterior finishes. Our highly skilled team work with a vast array of luxury materials, surface textures and unique finishes, producing initial samples for project approval through to highly complex and large scale projects.

Clients are encouraged to visit our workshops and sample studio, to see all stages of the process and discuss any finishes from our extensive library.

Clients are encouraged to visit and take a tour of our workshops and sample studio, which includes an impressive library of materials and sample finishes, whilst gaining an insight to the transformation from raw materials to unique surfaces.